Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Communication of SharePoint Governance Plans

Communication of SharePoint governance standards and polices could follow a communications path as such:
  • Have a published governance policy and standards section available for all SharePoint users
  • Governance Announcements: make sure they are always up to date as changes in regard to policies and initiatives are updated
  • Utilize a sectioned wiki of core and key information so that content can be easily referenced and linked to
  • Utilize a blog with proper categories relevant to the areas of the governance that are to be posted
  • Update content at least once a month to keep it fresh
  • The Farm SharePoint Administrators should be responsible for producing and updating the governance information and for communication
  • Communication can be via formal e-mail communication, an announcement on the SharePoint site itself or via alerts that are set-up in SharePoint (by users or administrators)

SharePoint Top 4 Core Governance Risks

The following are 4 top risks to an effective SharePoint governance plan:

·         Obtaining proper support from the business leaders to enforce the proper governance

·         Site collection administrators and power users refusing to abide by the posted policies

·         Needed support and resources, especially budget is non-existent

·         By not following governance the old ways of management of content stray from usefulness and business value

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top 10 Items to Include in a SharePoint Technology Guide

When installing SharePoint – be it on-premise or on-line, the following are some great items to include in a core technical guide. These items can be utilized by the team or just for knowledge on how the system ecosystem is set-up and works:

1)      Document the server names and specifications that make-up the SharePoint farm.

2)      Document the database configuration

3)      Document all the Domain Name System (DNS) names utilized

4)      Document the web application configuration

5)      Document alternate access mappings utilized

6)      Document the farm solutions deployed in the environment

7)      Document managed paths utilized

8)      Document master page customizations

9)      Document CSS customizations

10)  Document active directory groups utilized

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